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In the year dedicated to the celebration of the five hundredth anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci in 2019, In ​​addition to the traditional annual Reading Vinciana will win in Vinci some of the major scholars at the international level of Leonardo the Leonardiana Library. Three new volumes of the “Biblioteca Leonardiana” series will also be presented in Vinci. Studies and Documents “, the result of the international research activity of the Library and dedicated to unpublished or less known themes of Leonardo’s work and production.Biblioteca Leonardiana presents three new volumes dedicated to the work of the great scientist artist:

  • Leonardian glossary. Nomenclature of anatomy in the drawings of the Royal Collection of Windsor
    by Rosa Piro Florence, Olschki, 2018, series «Biblioteca Leonardiana. Studies and documents, 6 »
    Saturday 9 February, 10.15 am
  • Leonardo in Britain: Collections and Historical Reception.
    by Juliana Barone and Susanna Avery-Quash Florence, Olschki, 2019, series «Biblioteca Leonardiana. Studies and documents, 7 »
    Saturday 18 May, 10.15 am
  • The Great Hall and the Battle of Anghiari by Leonardo da Vinci. The architectural configuration and the decorative apparatus from the end of the fifteenth century to today edited
    by Emanuela Ferretti, Cecilia Frosinini, Gianluca Belli, Roberta Barsanti, Alessandro Nova Florence, Olschki, 2019, series «Biblioteca Leonardiana. Studies and documents, 8 »
    Saturday 26 October, 10.15 am



Location: Biblioteca Leonardiana di Vinci
Category: Presentation of volumes
Date: 9 February – 26 October 2019
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  • Event Date: 9 Febbraio 2019 - 26 Ottobre 2019
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