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At the Castello Sforzesco, in the Sala delle Asse by Leonardo, on the occasion of Expo 2015 the restoration of the so-called Monochrome was completed. The large drawing depicting massive roots that penetrate the rocks and the complex recovery during Expo were explained through a multimedia installation that allowed the public partial access to the hall and the view of Leonardo’s work beyond the scaffolding. On the occasion of the 2019 celebrations the scaffolding will be completely dismantled. Visitors will be able to admire the Monochrome closely through a tribune and to discover also the many portions of preparatory drawings emerged during the removal of the layers from the walls. In fact, exception from the experts, no one could observe the trunks, the landscapes, the branches and the leaves, which continue to surface gradually changing the perception of the room, within a short distance. Leonardo, to celebrate Ludovico Sforza known as il Moro, did not limit himself to devise a suggestive tree-like pavilion of mulberry trees. Through a scenographic multimedia installation visitors will be guided in the reading of the integral space shifting the attention from the vault (very compromised by the past restoration and which will be object of a specific restoration in 2020) to the walls, so to discover how Leonardo developed his concept of imitating nature to imagine a undergrowth, houses and hills on the horizon, beyond the trees: starting with the room of the Duke Sforza to the territory he ruled.


Location: Milano, Castello Sforzesco, Museo d’Arte Antica, Sala delle Asse
Category: Exhibition
Date: 16 May 2019 – 19 April 2020
Promoting Organisations: Comune di Milano, Direzione Cultura, Area Soprintendenza Castello, Musei Archeologici e Musei Storici
Scientific Directors and curator: Francesca Tasso, Michela Palazzo
Multimedia: Culturanuova srl – Massimo Chimenti
Web: www.saladelleassecastello.it



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  • Event Date: 16 Maggio 2019 - 19 Aprile 2020
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