Leonardo da Vinci and Guido da Vigevano. Anatomy in figures

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The exhibition compares the ways of anatomical representation of two geniuses of the past, through reproductions of Guido da Vigevano’s masterpiece, Anothomia designated for figuras, and of some sheets of Leonardo da Vinci that highlight the evolution of his studies on the body human.Some Leonardesque anatomical drawings have been translated into 5 sculptures made with the traditional wax-up technique. The exhibition is completed by the wooden model of Guido’s windmill, designed as a war machine but which can also be considered the first auto-mobile in history.

the conference, linked to the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci and Guido da Vigevano. Anatomy in figures “, held in Vigevano between 18 May and 20 October 2019, intends to deepen some topics
which were the subject of this initiative and connected to each other by the theme of visualization. From the illustrative modalities of the Anothomia treatise designated for figuras and from the design sketch
intelligible of the windmill (it was in fact possible to reconstruct a scale model) of Guido’s Texaurus, to the formidable anatomical representations of Leonardo da Vinci, the reports
they will range from the role of machines between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to a reflection on Leonardo’s scientific creativity. The goal is to reach the right balance between contextualization
history of the work by Vinciano and the recognition of his innovative contributions in the light of current knowledge which, especially in anatomy, appears increasingly evident.
New assessments of Vitruvian man and the size of the “foot”, the links with Francesco di Giorgio Martini and Pavia, the traces of a “three-dimensional anatomy” are arguments
targeted that connect to more general horizons thanks to the interdisciplinary contribution of exponents of the scientific and technological world. To them is added a comparison on the challenge that it engages
the two most important Italian museums that carry out the task of divulging Leonardo’s thought and work through reconstructions and models: today to visualize for the public the complexity of
his incredible work of visualization.


INFO – Exhibition:

Luogo: Milano, Sala Sottofedericiana dell‘Ambrosiana (ingresso da Piazza San Sepolcro)
Tipologia: Mostra
Durata: 07 febbraio – 29 marzo 2020
Costo: dal martedì al venerdì dalle 12.00 alle 18.00; sabato, domenica e festivi dalle 10.00 alle 18.00; lunedì chiuso. Biglietti 12 euro per la visita alla mostra e l’ingresso alla Cripta di San Sepolcro (20 euro con incluso l’ingresso alla Pinacoteca Ambrosiana).
Informazioni: Per ulteriori informazioni telefonare al numero 02 806921
Ente promotore: Comune di Vigevano
Responsabile scientifico e curatore: Paola Salvi

INFO – Conference: Anatomy, mechanics and visualization Leonardo da Vinci and Guido da Vigevano Invia commenti Cronologia Salvate Community

Luogo: Milano, Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Sala delle Accademie
Tipologia: Mostra – Convegno – Attività di ricerca
Durata: 30 – 31 Gennaio 2020
Ente promotore: Comune di Vigevano
Responsabile scientifico e curatore: Convegno a cura di Carlo E. Rottenbacher e Paola Salvi



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  • Event Date: 7 Febbraio 2020 - 29 Marzo 2020
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